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Food Truck Manufacturers – Miami: Financing

Benefits of financing through partners capital :


  • Offer funding for businesses across all 50 states
  • Large credit window with multiple programs available
  • Prefunding available upon approval.
  • Can offer 3 months deferred payments while your equipment is being built. (must qualify)
  • Work well with new and used equipment.
  • Will not report to your personal credit.

Credit guidelines :

  • We work with all credit types – A-D credits and start-ups too!
  • Application only up to $250k for established businesses and up to $50k for start-ups.
  • Can consider corporation only for well-established businesses.

Benefits of financing through innovative lease include :

  • Quick Credit decisions – Approvals in 1–2 days
  • Quick Funding – available pre-funding.
  • Approvals without extensive financial statements
  • Deferred or seasonal payments available 2+ yrs.
  • Low or no upfront cash outlay.
  • Builds Business Credit.
  • Doesn’t report to personal credit.
  • Start-up programs are also available.

Why finance or lease ?

1. Easy approval process.
2. Flexible Terms (1-5 years)
3. Start up financing available.
4. Expand your business without depleting your working capital.
5. 100% Tax deductible (Section 179 of the IRS Tax Code allows your business to deduct the full purchase price  for the equipment you finance! Most businesses get to deduct 100% of the total equipment costs. Consult your tax professional.)

Food Truck Wrapping Miami

Credit guidelines :


  • Time in Business – startup to existing
  • Previous Bankruptcy considered
  • Can use a cosigner
  • Startups 650 plus credit scores
  • Existing 2+ yrs programs as low as 550 credit scores

Benefits of financing through partners capital :

  • Startups are welcome! (new businesses)
  • Immediate response – (30 minutes feedback)
  • Fixed-rate financing – payments stay the same for the entire term
  • Flexible terms – 2–5 years available
  • Will not report to your personal credit

Credit guidelines :

  • Work with A-D credit tiers
  • 650 credit required for new businesses
  • Can use a co-signer

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